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March 8, 2017



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Announces Pending Close - 15 BOPD; Negotiations For Additional 35 BOPD.

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March 25, 2016



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Closes on Producing Acquisition in Jones County, Texas

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Welcome to Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc.

Viathon Hydrocarbons is a new kind of upstream energy production company known as a Depletionist, defined as a marginal well specialist production company whose overhead costs are a fraction of that of most independent energy companies. Viathon is a licensed and bonded operator in the State of Texas under #884917.

Unlike most of today's independent oil and gas producers, depletionist companies such as Viathon Hydrocarbons are designed to be enormously efficient enterprises that have corporate cost structures so low they are able to generate strong profits from stripper wells. Viathon seeks to be a leader in this third and final wave of the U.S. energy industry.

Viathon seeks to acquire long-life, shallow producing oil and gas properties - 15 BOPD or less - which offer entry-level, high rates of return on investment as well as upside potential from secondary recovery efforts, application of new tertiary technologies, and new developmental field initiatives.

Viathon focuses on the Gray Sands, Flippen, Capps, Odom, King Sands, Tannehill, Cook, Bluff Creek, Strawn, Breckenridge, Hope, Gunsight Limes, Ellenburger, and Goen formations of the Bend Arch of Texas.