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April 24, 2013



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Announces Negotiations to Acquire 26 BOPD/32 MCFPD, Expansion of Operations to New Texas Counties.

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December 6, 2012



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Acquires Producing Lease in Runnels County & Proceeds With Fisher County BHP Prospect.

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Based in Dallas, Texas, Viathon Hydrocarbons is a privately held corporation that seeks to take advantage of the favorable short term and long term trends impacting the energy market of the United States, and to profit from the unique market related opportunities found exclusively in the small producing properties segment in West Texas.

Founded by Darin Ruebel in 2001 as a 'Depletionist' enterprise, Viathon Hydrocarbons has rapidly become one of the largest such production companies in the western region of the State of Texas.

According to recent 2012 Railroad Commission statistics, Viathon is the the 5th largest crude oil producer in Taylor County and the 9th largest gas producer in Taylor County.

Viathon Hydrocarbons acquires and operates working interests and royalty interests in marginal producing oil and gas properties, but with overhead costs that are a fraction of that of most large independent energy companies. Viathon also participates in the leasing and drilling of prospects in its area of interest.

The Company has been able to maintain a 'lowest cost producer' profile by acquiring undervalued producing properties, deploying the most effective secondary recovery technologies, and maintaining low general and administrative expenses relative to most independent producers.

By outsourcing a majority of its requirements, Viathon is capable of utilizing the best talent at a lower cost and minimizing the impact of commodity-price swings by reducing the typical fixed costs of most independents.