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April 24, 2013



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Announces Negotiations to Acquire 26 BOPD/32 MCFPD, Expansion of Operations to New Texas Counties.

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December 6, 2012



Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc Acquires Producing Lease in Runnels County & Proceeds With Fisher County BHP Prospect.

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Viathon Hydrocarbons, Inc. focuses on production from many sand and limestone formations including the Flippen, Gardener, Goen, Capps, Odom, Fry, Cook, Bluff Creek, Strawn, Breckenridge, Hope, Gunsight, and Ellenburger formations of the upper lift drift of the Permian Basin of Texas.

As of 2010, Viathon and its partners own and operate 26 producing oil and gas leases with 34 producers at depths ranging from 2200 ft to 4500 ft. Counties with production include:

Taylor County, Texas.

Nolan County, Texas.

Runnels County, Texas.

Fisher County, Texas

Viathon owns and operates some of the best maintained properties in the industry. Below are a few of Viathon's leases.